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Why use Barnaby’s dog products:

Shea butter: It has soothing and hydrating properties for humans as well as our fur buddies. It moisturizes and conditions the hide and fur and is also considered a natural sunscreen with an SPF of 6-10. The shea butter we use is a sustainable product that comes from West Africa supporting women who cultivate it to feed their families. It has beneficial uses for human skin as well as our furry friends. The type we order is food grade and organic.

Coconut oil: Is a wonderful moisturizer and can prevent itching and flaking of the hide. The coconut oil we order is food grade and organic, fit for humans and fur babies alike. 

Beeswax: We buy our beeswax from local beekeepers and clarify it ourselves to assure no chemicals or bleach is added. It is a natural antiseptic. This is another great moisturizer for dry skin and is soothing on cracked paw pads and nice for healing sores.  

Raw Honey: We buy this from our local beekeepers. Honey has been used for years as a natural wound dressing for humans and animals. In addition to its antiseptic properties, it promotes healing. Honey’s natural antibacterial properties reduce the chance of infection and protect the injured area.

Lavender: We grow this on our organic farm and use the dried lavender buds and also infuse it into the oil. It helps treat hot spots, sores and has a calming, healing, antibacterial, painkilling properties. The nice thing is dogs hate the taste so it can also prevent them from licking their wounds.

The secret ingredient in our handcrafted dog products is a lot of love. Kind of the difference between grandma’s cooking and buying your food in a cafeteria, they use the same ingredients, but Grandma gives it love.

As always, if your pet has an Intense wound or deep sore please consult your veterinarian.

Thank you for shopping at Barnaby’s Dog Products Spaw. Our products are handcrafted using natural & organic ingredients.  Designed for the discerning dog. 

Made with love. 

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